Bunker Supply at Chittagong Port, Bangladesh

Physical Bunker and Lubricant Supply at Chittagong Port, Bangladesh

Chittagong remains the preferred bunkering destination for many of the world’s shipping companies., The comprehensive range of products at Seaport Ship Services are designed to provide you the 360* solution with cost-effective protection for modern marine engines and shipboard machinery.

We offer both Furness Oil and Marine Gas Oil along with a wide range of marine lubricants to cover most of your shipboard bunker and lubricant requirements. Besides, to simplify on-board inventories, we also provide multipurpose lubricants.

We know the importance of Bunker and Lubricant oil for a vessel. Therefore, we can assure you that our products are 100% pure and original. To ensure the topmost quality, all the lubricant products are sealed and stored in our own store.

Undoubtedly, quality is the foremost thing upon which the reputation of Seaport Ship Services is built. Hence, our top priority is delivering products and services which reach the highest standards. At Seaport Ship Services, we partner with like-minded people who value quality and honesty so that quality can never be compromised with us.